President Message


Pesident messege


     Dalian CHENGSI Thailand is a Thai subsidiary system development company launched in 2012. The headquarters is located in Dalian, northeastern China, For customers who operate in Thailand locally, from consulting at the system implementation, development, operation and maintenance, We are active to increase the economic value of customer business through support.

     Currently in the IT world, China is becoming a technological superpower after the United States. Our greatest strength is that we can train our Chinese technical strength to the backbone, it is the provision of a system of fast, inexpensive and stable quality.

     Of course, we are constantly supplying existing mechanisms, but at our company we constantly acquire the latest technology and keep on changing I want to be a group and I am active. Taking care of the slogan “No growth without challenge”, from that challenge We will continue making efforts to provide better changes to our customers as a better solution.

     In 2016, the Japanese branch office will also operate, and we will expand the range of customer support that is increasingly active globally.

Dalian CHENGSI Technology(Thailand) Co.,Ltd
President Kentaro Iwahori