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CHENGSI THAI CO., LTD. aims for a professional IT solution service provider for all of our customers. Our target is to provide the best solutions and system to customers in various industries and business field. Our business / technical experts provide support with analysis specialized in Automobile, Manufacturing, Finance, Service, Retailing and other industries.



We focus on maximizing enterprise economic values by innovative IT Solution and enriching people works and lives.


1) We always challenge the cutting edge technology to provide innovative solutions.
2) We work as One team with our customer in creation and research for co-existence and co-prosperity
3) We respect local cultures and customs for each countries and contribute to develop local economic societies.


We established the local offices in Japan and Thailand since we aim to develop global business. CHENGSI will be the global technology leader.

Quality Control

We promise to provide services for various business fields to provide high quality and innovative software solutions. Our strengths are Design and Development of robust applications, Excellent management team, Innovative designs, Standardized development processes and Smooth transition in implementations.


CHENGSI THAI CO., LTD. was established in 2012 and has been providing IFS ERP implementation and consulting services for local and global enterprises. Our head office in located at Dalian in the Northeast of China and our group has approximately 130 engineers. In Thailand, our local staff provide consulting services on ERP implementation, customization and maintenance support. We offer support for the customers not only in Thailand, also for companies perform their business globally by cooperating with head office in China and Japan branch. By 2022, we target to be "No.1 IFS solution partner in Thailand". To achieve this, we always make effort to train ourselves on new technologies and learn knowledges for offering the best solutions to our customers. In the next three years, we have planned to expand our business to Europe and North America. We will do our best to enable us to offer valuable solutions for our customers more and more.

CHENGSI THAI CO., LTD.Kittisuk Teeratunsirigul, President

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