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    CHENGSI THAI CO., LTD. (of which will be called 'company' in the
    following contents) will manage the informations provided by users such as name, address,
    mobile phone numbers, e-mail address, age, etc. (of which will be called 'personal
    information' in the following contents)

    1. Personal Information
    The company will receive the personal information in some sections of this website.
    In this case, user will have to accept our privacy policy and provide their
    personal information in order to gain the access.

    2. Personal Information Management
    The company will securely manage user's personal information and will hold
    responsible for secrecy and any consequences that may occur if the personal
    informations were to leak to other sources. The company will not disclose
    the personal information to third parties unless there is a request from
    judicial affiliated organizations.

    3. Personal Information Utilization
    The company will use personal information within the range of purpose of
    use indicated at the time of acquisition. In the case of entrusting the
    handling of personal information to a third party, the company will have
    to sign a contract with the said party, clarifying the responsibilities
    while providing supervision for the safety management of personal information.

    4. Sharing Personal Information with the Third Party
    The company is prohibitted to share the personal information with
    the third party except for these conditions; when there is consent
    of the customer or a case involving personal information protection
    law or other related laws regulations.

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